Bose’s QuietComfort 35 Series II noise-canceling wireless headphones just hit an all-time low

iPhone 2018 rumors: Pencil support and 512GB option on board for OLED models

Updated 07/14/18: Trendforce is predicting the new OLED iPhones will up the high-end storage from 256GB to 512GB while also bringing support for the Apple Pencil.

Now that we’re well into 2018, rumors about the next iPhone have started to pile up. We’ll keep track of everything that’s being said and analyze what seems feasible in this article so you can keep up with the latest iPhone gossip.

Apple to supercharge OLED models with Pencil support and 512GB

Industry analyst Trendforce is easing into the 2018 iPhone rumor waters with a new report. As spotted by 9to5Mac, Trendforce offers two new predictions for the high-end 5.8- and 6.5-inch OLED models. First, it believes that they will come in three storage tiers now, topping off at 512GB rather than 256GB. Samsung's recently launched Galaxy Note 9 also includes at 512GB option. However, while Samsung's phone also comes Continue reading "iPhone 2018 rumors: Pencil support and 512GB option on board for OLED models"

The scam: Apple’s $1 trillion fraud

Turns out Apple isn’t a successful company after all! Surprise! Yep, it’s just a giant scam. Well, at least we know now. Before it got out of hand. Anyway, this will be The Macalope’s last column since the whole house of cards is tumbling down around us.

Writing for The New Republic, Alex Shepard tells us of“Apple’s Stock Market Scam.” (Tip o’ the antlers to @designheretic.)

Turns out it’s stock buybacks which are the only reason Apple made it to a $1 trillion valuation. And you thought it was the iPhone X. Ha-ha! Oh, Wallace. Will you ever learn? And will you ever stop wearing those ridiculous suspenders?! Ha-ha! You look like some sort of disco-dancing farmer.

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When budgeting calories, the Apple Watch’s weaknesses sometimes count as strengths

This is part of a series on losing 60 pounds with the help of the Apple Watch. I’m currently 16 pounds down since July 25. In this post we’ll talk about the Apple Watch as a tool for counting calories.

Apple typically plays up the Apple Watch’s strength as a generic “fitness tracker” rather than a proper weight-loss tool. There’s a good reason for that, as I’ve discovered during my adventures in attempting to lose weight with it.

As things stand, Apple’s own features do little else besides monitoring. In order to get helpful features like counting calories for the food you eat, you’ll generally have to head to third-party apps for the iPhone. In most cases, the companion apps on the Apple Watch work only as a quick references for letting me know how many calories are left to spend. Aside from counting my steps and the active calories Continue reading "When budgeting calories, the Apple Watch’s weaknesses sometimes count as strengths"

PhotoBulk 2 review: Swiss Army knife for Mac batch image processing

Taking pictures can be a lot of fun, but the party comes to a screeching halt whenever it comes time to process images before sharing or publishing your work online. Whether you want to add a date stamp, watermark a caption, or just slim down digital photos before uploading files to others, a good batch editor like PhotoBulk 2 can do wonders for saving time and alleviating this big headache.

PhotoBulk 2: More advanced features

Unlike image editing powerhouses Adobe Lightroom and Pixelmator, which are designed primarily to work on a single photo at a time, PhotoBulk 2 is made to process as many files as you want to queue up, one after another, be it a handful of images or potentially hundreds in one fell swoop. While the original release sported a no-frills user interface, the sequel offers a more expansive palette that paves the way for advanced features Continue reading "PhotoBulk 2 review: Swiss Army knife for Mac batch image processing"

This happy robot helps kids with autism

A little bot named QTrobot from LuxAI could be the link between therapists, parents, and autistic children. The robot, which features an LCD face and robotic arms, allows kids who are overwhelmed by human contact to become more comfortable in a therapeutic setting.

The project comes from LuxAI, a spin-off of the University of Luxembourg. They will present their findings at the RO-MAN 2018 conference at the end of this month.

“The robot has the ability to create a triangular interaction between the human therapist, the robot, and the child,” co-founder Aida Nazarikhorram told IEEE. “Immediately the child starts interacting with the educator or therapist to ask questions about the robot or give feedback about its behavior.”

The robot reduces anxiety in autistic children and the researchers saw many behaviors – hand flapping, for example – slow down with the robot in the mix.

Interestingly the robot is Continue reading "This happy robot helps kids with autism"

MacOS Mojave: Apple to delay Group FaceTime support until later this fall

Apple next major revision to its Macintosh operating system is called macOS Mojave. The company revealed the update at its 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and it features several user interface improvements to make the experience on the Mac better.

In this FAQ, we’ll give you the general details on macOS Mojave: When it will be release, what Macs are compatible, etc. We’ll add more details to this article as they become available.

Updated 8/13/18: Apple on Monday released the seventh developer beta of macOS Mojave, which removes Group FaceTime.

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iOS 12: Beta 7 removes Group FaceTime, Apple says it will launch later this year

Updated 08/13/18: After briefly releasing Beta 7 for developers, Apple has pulled the update, apparently due to numerous reports of serious performance problems. The seventh beta release removes Group FaceTime, which will now launch in a future software update later this fall. 

Apple both sets trends and chases them, and iOS 12, unveiled Monday at the WWDC keynote, is no exception. With this release, Apple is focusing on performance improvements and enhancements, even for older devices. The company is also making important changes to augmented reality that will enable new experiences; improving Siri, FaceTime, and the Photos app to catch up to the competition; and adding new features like personalized Memoji and weekly reports about how you’re using your device.

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Costco and Amazon have great deals on AirPods, hinting at possible refresh

Save 50% On PDF Expert For Mac ($25)

PDFs are king for transmitting files online, but editing them isn't possible with standard Mac software. This becomes problematic when you need to tweak a contract, electronically sign a form, or fill out those tax documents you've been putting off until the last minute. PDF Expert for Mac expands your device's editing potential, and it's on sale today for nearly 60% off.

An Apple Editors' Choice winner, PDF Expert allows your Mac to edit text, images, links, and outlines in PDFs. You can quickly fill out forms like taxes, applications, and orders, and seamlessly sign and merge PDFs. PDF Expert lets you share your PDFs across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, or with other users, and you can even password protect your files to ensure only the right users view them.

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How to export photos and maintain the original creation date in Apple Photos

What’s an original, you may ask, when we’re dealing with digital data? In Photos for macOS, it comes up when you’re exporting an image or video. Macworld reader Maya has a question related to this, because she knows how to use Photo to adjust the date and time that a piece media was captured, but when she exports an image, the creation date of the file is always that of the export time.

Photos offers two kinds of exports (as did iPhoto). One essentially creates a new file by translating the image or video in the library into something new. The other copies the original file from the master source media that was imported.

Look at the File > Export menu in Photos, and you’ll see Export [Quantity] Photo (or Video) and Export Unmodified Original for [Quantity] Photo (or Video).

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Best comic book apps for iPhone and iPad

Physical issues and anthologies of comic book series don’t always fit neatly into limited shelf space or travel well—but that’s where digital comics come in. Growing support for the format means you can collect to your heart’s content and take the entirety of it anywhere you go. All you need is your iPhone or iPad.

Key to the experience is a good app. While a digital comic may not please the senses as paper issues do, having an app that offers access to a wide variety of content or broad support for common file formats (PDF, ePUB, CBR, and CBZ) can ease the transition.

In general, the better apps offer one of two paths: Straightforward purchase (or rental) of content from major publishers like Marvel, DC, Image Comics, and Dark Horse, or an easy way to read common file formats (PDF, ePUB, CBR, and CBZ). If they want to have even wider Continue reading "Best comic book apps for iPhone and iPad"

Equivolating: Making Apple out to be bad on privacy

You know that thing that you know? What if it wasn’t true?!

It is true, but what if it wasn’t?!

It is, though. But, still… whooooooooo.

Writing for Bloomberg, Sarah Frier is about to blow the lid off this whole “Is Apple really better on privacy?” thing. And find that wasn’t a lid at all, it was just a paper plate sitting on top of the lid that someone had written “Apple sux” on. In crayon.

“Is Apple Really Your Privacy Hero?” (Tip o’ the antlers to Alex.)

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