Book Review – Buttonless

Mobile gaming is still a relatively new industry, and has yet to reach the same level of mainstream acceptance as console or arcade gaming, therefore finding good books on the subject isn’t all that easy. Sure, there’s plenty of information…

The New iPad: All the Features, Specs and Details

As expected, Apple has revealed a new iPad model, and it’s even more impressive than the two which preceded it. However, proving once again that Apple rumors aren’t always correct, instead of calling it the iPad 3 or iPad HD,…

Five of the Best and Funniest Spoof Siri Videos

Siri, the virtual assistant introduced with iOS 5 and exclusive to the iPhone 4S, has already become a household name. This is not only due to the iPhone’s huge success and its mainstream acceptance, but also for videos like the…

Five Great-Looking Retro iPhone Games Coming Soon

Retro games remain very popular, especially on iOS, and there are plenty of great games in production at the moment that fans of the genre should know about.

We’ve gathered together five retro games that are coming soon for iOS,…

iPhone/iPad App Review – Smash Cops

Smash Cops is a brilliant idea. It’s based on those thousands of police pursuit-type TV shows that feature nothing but the cops chasing down a suspect, all shot from a police helicopter.  They’re trash of the highest order, but compelling…

Apple Releases iBooks 2.0, iTunes U and iBooks Author Apps

At a special event held at the Guggenheim museum earlier today, Apple released several new applications all related to education, school textbooks and bringing students and teachers together through a single device. Introduced by Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue, with demonstrations by the VP of iTunes Jeff Robbin and the VP of Productivity Software Roger Rosner, [...]

iPhone App Review – Ant Raid

This is an early review of Ant Raid for the iPhone, it’s released on the 26th January. Originally an iPad-only game, Ant Raid has now been shrunk down to fit on the iPhone by developers Prank Entertainment.  At its heart, Ant Raid is a tower defense game, but with real-time strategy overtones; however the attention to [...]

Part Three: CES 2012 iPhone/iPad Announcement Round-up

We’re back for our third and final round-up of the various new products related to the iPhone and iPad announced at CES 2012.  You can catch up with part one and part two by following the links, otherwise sit back and enjoy part three. iCade. We start with one of the most exciting reveals of the whole [...]

Part Two: CES 2012 iPhone/iPad Announcement News Round-up

As CES 2012 continues, more new products are discovered for the iPhone and iPad.  If you haven’t already, take a look at part one of our announcement round-up to see another collection of accessories debuting at the show, otherwise standby for part two: Olloclip. A new quick-connect camera lens accessory for the iPhone 4/4S, the Olloclip has [...]

Part One: CES 2012 iPhone/iPad Announcement News Round-up

While Apple themselves shun CES, many of the manufacturers who produce accessories for the iPhone and iPad use it as the platform to launch their latest products.  With the event in full swing, here’s part one of our round-up of the top announcements to come from the show. Wrapsol Grip Pad. Known for their range of [...]

Choiix Wake Up Folio for the iPad 2 Review

Apple introduced the Smart Cover with the iPad 2 last year, saying that rather than let owners cover their beautiful tablets in unattractive cases to protect the screen, they’d made a good-looking, Apple certified one themselves.  It’s clever too, as it not only attaches to the iPad 2 using magnets, but uses one to activate [...]

iPad App Review – Battle Squadron ONE Two-Player

Twenty or so years ago, my best friend and I were probably sat in front of a 21″ CRT TV and a Commodore Amiga, ready to play Battle Squadron.  The only way to play back then was with your joystick-of choice, and if I remember correctly, mine was the QuickShot Maverick joypad, and my mate [...]