With iOS 12, Apple says updates won’t slow your iPhone anymore


Apple loves, loves, boasting about how it supports older iPhones and iPads with new versions of iOS.

That's great for squeezing more life out of an aging iOS device, but what Apple never tells people is that updating the software almost always slows them down — sometimes to the point where they're  so sluggish your only option is to get a new device.

With iOS 12, Apple sort of acknowledged this slowdown on older devices, while simultaneously announcing efforts to speed up performance.

"For iOS 12, we are doubling down on performance," Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, said during WWDC's opening keynote. "We're working top to bottom making improvements to make your device faster and more responsive. We're focusing our efforts especially on the oldest devices." Read more...

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iOS 12 wish list: What we’re hoping Apple will announce at WWDC 2018


Apple’s 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is fast approaching, and, as usual, software will be the star of the show. iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tVOS will all get some upgrades and new features.

Among those platforms, iOS 12 is the biggest, and the new features will have the most impact. Last year iOS 11 finally brought some much-needed improvements to the iPad for power users, like real multitasking and the Files app. Also, the iPhone's Control Center got a customizable design, and Apple went after Venmo.

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Save $100 on a 128 GB 5th generation iPad (*hint* Father’s Day, *hint* graduation gift)


iPad: "Cannot take photo." "Insufficient space for download." "Storage almost full." 


There's nothing more annoying than your iPad's screen whining about storage, and then having to delete apps or photos you weren't even done with yet.

Hot tip: You can get a 5th generation iPad, the huge 128 GB one, for $100 off at just $329 today — AKA saving $100 by not buying the newest iPad that clocks in at $429.

While this isn't the newest version of the 9.7-inch iPad, the only real differences are some internal things — an A9 instead of an A10 chip, so slower but not slow by any means — and no Apple Pencil support. However, unless you'll be using the iPad for taking notes or drawing, the Apple Pencil isn't even necessary. Read more...

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MacBook meets iPad meets iMac in this supercool new concept


Remember when Apple was about to release the iPad and everyone hoped that it would be some sort of futuristic tablet-laptop hybrid?

That never happened. Apple kept its tablet and laptop product lines separate, down to the operating system. But a new concept device by ikoncept/ConceptsiPhone once against makes us pine for this mythical, ultra-versatile hybrid. 

Called the MacPad Pro, this concept or anything like it is very unlikely to see the light of day, at least with an official Apple logo on it. But we're allowed to dream, right? Read more...

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Why Microsoft might be looking to make cheap Surface tablets again


Stop me if you've heard this one: Microsoft, beaten to the tablet market by Apple, wants to build an alternative, one that runs Windows and gives more bang for the buck.

That, of course, was the whole strategy behind the original Microsoft Surface that launched with Windows 8 in 2012. And it's also apparently the playbook Microsoft is again working from now that Bloomberg is reporting the company is looking to debut a new, lower-cost iPad competitor with the Surface brand later this year. 

That's weird, because we all know how the Surface plan played out: The first one was a billion-dollar disaster, but when Microsoft refocused around the Surface Pro line and stopped trying to compete with the iPad and instead market its powerful tablet PC as a MacBook alternative, sales soared, and the Surface found its niche as a high-end Windows machine. Read more...

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Best Buy is having a 24-hour online flash sale on must-have tech items like MacBooks, Apple Watches, and more


MacBooks. iPads. HP laptops. HDTVs. Vacuums. Apple Watches. Xbox and Nintendo Switch games.

What do all of those things have in common? They are massively marked down at Best Buy for Monday, April 30.

Best Buy is having a 24-hour online only flash sale today, and that's the sale lineup. (Cue heart eye emoji.) We don't know what this random Black Friday-ish sale is for, but we're not complaining.

And this isn't just some little $10 off sale: We're talking $200 off here, free Xbox games there — Best Buy is even offering up to $500 off select MacBook models including the MacBook Pro. We probably don't have to tell you this, but getting a brand new MacBook for under a grand is the next best thing to a miracle. Read more...

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‘Star Wars’ holochess is now something you can play on an iPhone


The game is technically called "Dejarik," but no one on the internet outside of Star Wars nerd-dom actually knows that. So you get a "holochess" headline.

The Dejarik game from Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is now available to play for free in the iOS App Store, compliments of ARKitJedi Challenges was released in late 2017 as a $200 standalone product with an included AR headset and an assortment of Star Wars minigames.

Now, a new update for the app untethers the Dejarik portion of the experience, allowing anyone with an iPhone or iPad and iOS 11 to get in on the fun (h/t 9to5Mac). The other games — a lightsaber battle and a tactical combat simulator — still require the official hardware, however. Read more...

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iPad 2018 review: Still the best tablet for everyone


There are only three things you need to know about Apple's new 9.7-inch iPad:

  • It's still the cheapest iPad at $329.
  • It works with Apple Pencil.
  • It's noticeably more powerful than the previous iPad.

Of the three, Apple Pencil support is the most noteworthy, and it's not hard to see why

Previously, if you wanted to draw or handwrite digital notes with the precision of Apple Pencil, you needed to fork over at least $650 for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and shell out another $100 for the stylus.

Now, $430 gets you both a powerful iPad and Apple Pencil. Compared to the $500 Apple used to charge for just an entry-level 9.7-inch iPad alone, it's pretty clear the combo is a hell of a value. Read more...

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Apple’s new iPad is fine, but it’s no Chromebook killer


If you thought Apple's new iPad would be the one to finally challenge Google's Chromebooks in the education market, you'll probably be disappointed with the new 9.7-inch iPad that Apple announced Tuesday. 

Although the new tablet adds support for Apple Pencil at a fraction of the cost of the cheapest iPad Pro ($650), the new 9.7-inch iPad doesn't beat Chromebooks on the one thing that matters most to schools: price.

To recap, here are the main differences between the new 9.7-inch iPad and the previous generation:

  • it supports Apple Pencil

  • it has the A10 Fusion chip 

  • it comes in a new shade of gold that's slightly pinker (though not as pink as the original rose gold) Read more...

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Apple rolls out new software to take over classrooms


The iPad isn't the only Apple product invading classrooms this year. 

The company has announced a new "Schoolwork" app that helps teachers assign students activities from third-party apps, such as iBooks or Swift Playgrounds. 

Apple also announced that its "Classroom" app, which helps teachers guide students through lessons, currently in beta for iPad, will roll out for Mac in June. 

The software was announced at Apple's "Let's Take a Field Trip" educational event on March 27, alongside a new entry-level iPad and the Apple Pencil stylus.  Read more...

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Apple announces $329 iPad with support for Apple Pencil


As predicted, Apple announced a new 9.7-inch iPad at its education-focused event in Chicago on Tuesday. And yes, it supports the Apple Pencil, making it the first iPad that isn't a "Pro" to do so. 

The new iPad costs $329 ($299 for education institutions), which is the same price as the previous cheapest iPad released last year.

Still, even at $329, the new iPad's got some pretty respectable specs, including Apple's blazing fast A10 Fusion chip, 32GB of storage, up to 10 hours of battery life, and an 8-megapixel iSight camera that shoots 1080p HD video. Read more...

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Live from Apple’s education event in Chicago


Apple's ready to go back to school.

The company's holding an education-focused event Tuesday, where it’s set to unveil its latest plan to take over the classroom

But this won’t be your typical Apple event. Besides not having a livestream, it’s happening at a new venue: Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago.

The event is expected to be more low-key than the usual Apple event, but it’s still an important moment for the company. It has been years since we’ve seen the tech giant make a big education push, and whatever it announces Tuesday will be the company’s best shot yet at beating Google in the classroom. Read more...

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A cheaper iPad is Apple’s best chance at winning over U.S. classrooms


Apple's first major event of the year kicks off on Tuesday, March 27. And, as always, everyone will be sitting on the edge of their seats to hear what it announces.

But the event at Chicago's Lane Tech College Prep High School won't be your typical auditorium-packed keynote spectacle. The "field trip," as Apple's calling it, will focus instead on education — specifically on "creative new ideas for teachers and students." And when Apple talks education, you can bet the iPad will be front and center.

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Apple to launch new iPad next week, report claims


Apple will launch a new version of its iPad tablet at its education-centric event, slated for March 27. 

This is according to a new report from Bloomberg, which claims the new iPad will be a low-cost variant that should fit the needs of the education market. 

No other details about the device were shared, but the report claims Apple is also working on a sub-$1,000 MacBook laptop that will probably replace the (horribly outdated) MacBook Air. That device probably won't be ready for the March 27 unveiling, though. 

While the new iPad is likely the only significant piece of hardware we'll see at the event, Apple will reportedly launch new education-related software, and possibly a new, redesigned version of iBooks. Read more...

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All the devices Apple might announce at its education event on March 27


On March 27, Apple's holding a special education-focused event at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago.

As always for Apple, the invite is a bit cryptic. "Let's take a field trip," and "join us to hear creative new ideas for teachers and students," the invite reads. 

Beyond pushing kids to learn its Swift coding language and to program in general (an initiative CEO Tim Cook champions every chance he gets), what else could Apple have in store? Let's see if we can make a few educated guesses.

The location of the event, a high school, gives us a clue as to who Apple might be targeting for this event.  Read more...

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