Apple’s learn-to-code app Swift Playgrounds adds 5 more languages

 Along with the reveal of a new 9.7-inch iPad and new red iPhone, Apple also announced today that its learn-to-code app Swift Playgrounds is now available in five new languages. The additional languages include Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Latin American Spanish. The app, which has been downloaded more than a million times, offers a combination of programming lessons,… Read More

Airbnb launches photo-centric app for iPads and Android tablets

Airbnb's app is getting a little more travel-friendly. The company will roll out a new version of the app for iPad and Android tablet users Wednesday night, the first time Airbnb has had a dedicated app for larger mobile displays. Feature-wise, the tablet app isn't much different than the existing smartphone apps. Users can browse and book listings, contact hosts, get directions or check for last-minute rentals. It also has a dedicated host experience, so hosts can manage their listings and respond to messages. Alex Schleifer, Airbnb's design chief, said the look of the image-focused tablet app is meant to be reminiscent of a magazine spread or coffee table book with big glossy photos. Read more... More about Tech, Android Apps, Ipad, Ipad Apps, and Airbnb

iPad app Forge is part sketchbook, part storyboard

iPad artists are familiar with the stylus company Adonit for its extensive line of professional-level styli Now, it's making the jump into software with its first app, Forge On the surface, Forge looks a lot like other iPad sketching apps. It comes with five different brush styles and several preset color palettes. You can also import photos and add up to five different layers Part sketchbook and part storyboard, the app consists of different "walls," each of which is made up of several individual sketches, photos and notes centered around one project. It uses gesture-based controls to allow users to quickly jump between the different layers on a sketch or the different components on a wall Read more... More about Ipad, Ipad Apps, Stylus, Ios Apps, and Tech

Khan Academy for iPad Updated: Brings 150K Learning Exercises & More

Khan Academy iPad app

The wonderful Khan Academy iPad app has been updated this week, to Version 2.0. This is a major update for an already superb educational app. It brings access to everything that’s available at Khan Academy online – including some 150,000 learning exercises as well as personalized recommendations. Khan Academy is a great educational tool for all ages; the iPad version has always been a great app – and now it’s even better. Here’s an App Store link for Khan Academy – it’s still a free app, and also a universal app designed for use on both iPad and iPhone.
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How to watch Super Bowl XLIX on your iPad for free

NBC-Sports-Live-Extra In less than two weeks now, on February 1st, the greatest show on earth will be plastered across the majority of TV sets in America and around the world.  This year, NBC has the honor of broadcasting the gala event.  As part of their TV Everywhere content promotion of Super Stream Sunday, NBC is offering 11 hours of free online programming.  The day’s events will include Super Bowl Sunday pre and post-game shows, the Super Bowl itself, and the half-time show featuring Katy Perry.  In addition they will also include a feature presentation of The Blacklist. All this programming will be offered free of charge.  Users will able view all the Super Bowl content offered without even having to crate a username or password.  The streamed content will be available on iPads (tablets) and via desktop computers.  However, mobile users on carriers other than Verizon will have to pay... < p style="clear:left">Read the whole entry... »

Due 2.0 For iPad Is Here (And It’s Really Really Great)

Due 2.0 app for iPad I’ve been using Due for a good three years now, and it has become one of those apps that makes me hesitate ever switching away from iOS devices. Due isn’t a task app, but rather a reminders and timers app, and it really excels in that area. I know that once I’ve put a reminder into Due, I can trust the app to alert the living hell out of me when it’s time to get something done. Due 2.0 came out yesterday, and after spending one evening with it, I’m happy to report that it’s all I wanted out of an upgrade, and more. The whole app is now easier to read, thanks to an even more spartan interface. Due 2.0 is a great iOS 8 citizen, with features like a sidebar menu with “sloppy” swiping (i.e. you can swipe right from anywhere to activate the menu), background syncing via Dropbox, and vastly empowered notifications. It used to be that you had to open up Due in order to get a... < p style="clear:left">Read the whole entry... »

Procreate for iPad Updated: Palm Support & More


Procreate is touted as ‘the most powerful and intuitive digital illustration App available for iPad’, and it’s had a big recent update that makes it even more powerful and takes advantage of some of the new features of iOS 8 and the power of the new iPad Air 2. The app is exclusive to the iPad and already offered 120 brushes and 64-bit power prior to its latest update to Version 2.2. This update is apparently 6 months in the making and one of its headline new features is Palm Support – described like so:
Palm Support is like palm rejection, but better. It’s always on and you can use a regular capacitive stylus or even your finger. You can finally use gestures in tandem with resting your palm on the surface of the iPad screen without the worry of drawing over your canvas. Palm Support is completely transparent and will not interrupt performance or your workflow.


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Fleksy 5.0 for iPad: Now With Extensions!

IMG_4106.PNG You know the drill: a new update for Fleksy is released and I inevitably give it a shot, despite the unbelievable instability of all third-party keyboards on iOS 8 thus far. I tried it out because the feature list here really is quite amazing:
  • new themes (OK)
  • new keyboard extension for GIFs (cool)
  • new extension for a numerical pad (great!)
  • new extension to help with cursor movement (cool!!)
  • an even faster way to add punctuations (at last!)
The newly-added extensions are modular, and you can have three of them active at any one time. There are a few more of them, but I only tried the ones I was actually interested in today. I actively tested Fleksy 5.0 at work and experienced at least 10 crashes across my iPhone and iPad, which is too bad, because this keyboard really is awesome. I really, really want to use it, but the stability in iOS 8 just isn’t there yet, and...

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Yahoo Weather for iPad Updated: New Animated Effects

Yahoo Weather for iPad

The Yahoo Weather iPad app was recently updated, to Version 1.6.5. It’s a nice little update to a very nice iPad weather app. The star features of this update are new animated effects for lightning and frost, and updated designs for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. I’ve seen other iPad weather apps with some great weather animations, but I love how Yahoo Weather combines those with actual stunning photos of my lovely hometown. If you haven’t already checked this app out on your iPad, then you might want to take a look at my review of Yahoo Weather for iPad.
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Apple’s Choices for Best iPad Apps & Games of the Year

iPad Apps of the Year

This week Apple has unveiled their iTunes Store awards for 2014, including their choices for Best iPad App and Best iPad Game of the year and a number of runners-up. The Best iPad App of the year is Pixelmator, the popular photo-editing app that just came to the iPad a couple of months back. The selection for Best iPad game went to Monument Valley, a gorgeous looking game that’s had stellar reviews all round. Among the notable runner-up apps are long-time favorite here 1Password, and two of our picks as Best iPad App of the Week this year, Storehouse and 80 Days. Others include Microsoft Word, part of the Office suite that Microsoft finally released for the iPad; Yahoo Weather; Adobe Voice; Star Walk Kids; Launch Center Pro; and quite a few more. I know I’ll be checking out a number of the apps in the iTunes list and I’ve already gifted Monument Valley to my daughter. ... < p style="clear:left">Read the whole entry... »

Quick Look: Comic Zeal 8 for iPad

ComicZeal 8

Comic Zeal, which is still my favourite way to read CBR or PDF comics on my iPad, was recently updated to iOS 8. This version flattened out the interface, introduced a few new themes, and vastly improved the ability to get comics into the app. My previous go-to method for transferring files into Comic Zeal was to connect to iTunes and then drag comic files into Comic Zeal (located in the File Sharing section of the Apps tab). It was relatively fast, but it meant digging up my Lightning cable in order to sync with iTunes, and that little bit of extra effort would keep me from uploading comics very often. Thankfully, Comic Zeal 8 has some great new wireless ways to throw comics into your library. There’s now a standard document picker for taking files from iCloud Drive, but the option I find even more convenient is AirDrop support. It’s ridiculously easy to just highlight comics in... < p style="clear:left">Read the whole entry... »

Paper for iPad Gets Colour Picker And Better Background Changer

iOS Screenshot 20141209-162910 01

I’m still awaiting the arrival of my Pencil stylus, but I’m glad to see the devs at FiftyThree have been keeping busy with their latest update to Paper:
  • Mix, which is Paper’s built-in social drawing feature, can now find and add friends across various social networks
  • The background changer can now swap out background colours without wiping out your entire canvas; just pick a colour along the bottom of the screen, tap and hold, then drop it onto the canvas
  • Paper now has a colour picker ingeniously added to the colour wheel; just tap on the wheel, tap the colour picker icon, drag the resulting circle over the canvas to choose a colour, and then tap on the colour picker once more
I really love how Paper is getting more and more powerful with each update, but still has very simple and tidy controls. My one major feature request at this point would be the ability to... < p style="clear:left">Read the whole entry... »

2Do Is a Killer Desktop-Class Task Manager for iPad


2Do will be my task manager of choice going into the new year. I’m actually still finishing up a review of another task manager, OmniFocus 2, but when 2Do’s update hit the App Store, I just had to jump on board. There are all sorts of 2Do apps out there. Some are affordable and pretty and simple, best used for grocery or quick task lists. Then there are apps like Things and OmniFocus, which tend to be pretty and powerful, but also pricier. 2Do feels like it breaks all of the rules with its iOS app. $15 gets you both the iPhone and iPad versions, as well as a feature set that is simulatenously as powerful or as basic as any user might need. Now, there is a pricier Mac version available, but I’ve found I haven’t needed it thus far. What really strikes me about 2Do is the extreme level of customization and power behind the app. New GTD users will find it easy to just add tasks to... < p style="clear:left">Read the whole entry... »

WhatFont Extension Identifies Fonts Within Safari for iPad


I actually haven’t made as much use of in-app extensions as I thought I would. That’s because I hadn’t realized what kind of limitations Apple would place on them (e.g. there’s only so much leeway to customize the look of an extension). However, I am installing cool utilities every time I come across them, simply because it’s so easy to tuck them away into a single folder. WhatFont, which I learned about through MacStories, is definitely one of those little tools I’m downloading for a rainy day. Once WhatFont was installed, all I had to do was activate its extension by tapping on the Share menu in Safari. After that it was as simple as highlighting text on a cool website (like iPad Insight) and then tapping on WhatsFont in the Share menu. That’s how I found out that our site font renders using Helvetica Neue. I also tested the extension on, and it correctly reported... < p style="clear:left">Read the whole entry... »

Penultimate 6.0.1 for iPad


Penultimate 6 has had a pretty rough start. I like the cleaner look of the app, which matches iOS 8 a lot more. It’s also a good step to represent each notebook as a giant scrolling list of pages, which makes more sense in a digital format. Unfortunately, the praise ends there. Penultimate is marketed as this tech-laced love letter to the art and form of handwriting, but there are other apps that do a much better job of simulating the feeling of putting pen to paper. The writing experience in Penultimate just isn’t smooth on my Air 2, and the Jot Script can often miss strokes as I try to write in Drift Mode. I really want to love Penultimate, but have always been disappointed with, even back before Evernote bought it. It’s a great concept and could do wonderfully with Evernote’s handwriting recognition, but their inking engine just seems nowhere near as good as some other... < p style="clear:left">Read the whole entry... »

Things for iPad & iPhone, Great Task Management App: Free for a Week


Need a great task manager app for your iPad? Well, one of the very best, Things, is available for free right now as Apple’s Free App of the Week. Both Things for iPad and Things for iPhone are free until November 28. Things is one of the very best iPad (and iPhone and Mac) task management apps around. It sports a gorgeous design and it’s easy to use and full of powerful features. Although it’s well worth the price, it’s also a relatively expensive app on iOS and the Mac – so this a nice opportunity to grab up this top-notch app for zero dollars. Even the Things Mac app is part of the discount fun this week – on offer at 30% off its standard price.

Here’s more detail on the promotion, straight from the good people who make Things:

    • Apple are promoting both our iOS apps as “Free App of the Week” (normally US$19.99 iPad + $9.99 iPhone).
    • The promotion is...

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PhotInfo for iPad Provides Metadata Within Photos App


I’ve honestly forgotten where I heard about this app. I found a note in my Drafts app with just one word, “PhotInfo”, and decided to look it up on Google. Boy, am I glad I did! PhotInfo and its iOS 8 extension help bring metadata to the Photos app, which is really quite handy for figuring out the resolution of pictures I’ve stored or received on my iPad. Doing this on a Mac or PC is pretty simple, since most desktop photo viewing applications will list the resolution and file size in some sort of dialog window. Apple’s own Photos app, however, can be pretty sparse on those kinds of details. Before PhotInfo, my best way of quickly finding out the file size of a given picture was to insert that photo into an e-mail to myself, and tapping on “Actual Size” in the sizing options. It worked, but it was silly that I even had to do that. Once... < p style="clear:left">Read the whole entry... »

Dashlane Password Manager App Adds Touch ID Support for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

Dashlane for iPad

Dashlane, one of the very best password manager apps for iOS and other platforms, was updated again this week – to Version 2.8.7. It’s not a big update with lots of new features, but it delivers one major new option for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 – support for Touch ID. As an iPad Air 2 user, this is an extremely welcome new feature for Dashlane. As with any password manager app, I use a crazy long master password for Dashlane – being able to use Touch ID makes it much easier to get quick access to my passwords. This update also brings unspecified bug fixes and stability improvements to Dashlane for iPad.
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Things 2.5 for iPad Gets Flattened

things 2.5 for ipad
Things for iPad is the final app in the Things suite of GTD apps to be flattened and re-designed for the more modern look of iOS 8, and it was definitely worth the wait. The app is even more gorgeous than it was before, and the subtle animations really pop. Things 2.5 does more than just freshen up the visuals though:
  • modern swiping gestures have been brought to Things for iPad, so you can now swipe along the left edge of the screen to bring up the sidebar in Portrait mode
  • background syncing is now active (although I have yet to confirm how well it works)
  • Handoff is now supported, so you can start viewing Things tasks on your iPhone, and then load up the same view on the iPad
  • Things' share extension now also works on the iPad, allowing quick task creation in an incredibly attractive share window
Things has long been a top-tier task manager, and it's also worth...

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New, Free Versions of Office for iOS Apps Allow Creating & Editing Documents, Without Any Subscription

Office for iPad

Microsoft has announced some very good news for iPad and iOS fans of their Office suite – you can now use free versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to create and edit Office documents on iOS devices, with no more requirement to have an Office 365 subscription. As Apple Insider reports, there are still some substantial benefits for Office 365 users though:
Of course, not all editing functions are available without an Office 365 subscription. Upgrading gives users more advanced functions, including more change tracking features, unlimited OneDrive storage, unlimited paragraph styles, improved chart, table and picture formatting tools, advanced collaboration capabilities, and more. The updated Office for iOS suite also gives Office 365 subscribers the ability to open, edit and save their documents from popular cloud storage service Dropbox. The basic Office 365 Home subscription...

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