Apple’s iOS 12 is out today

If you've been waiting with breathless anticipation for Apple to drop the latest version of iOS, your time is now. The company just released iOS 12, though like any iOS update, Apple's servers are currently slammed so it might be awhile before you're able to download and install it.

Here’s how to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 12


New iPhones and Apple Watches weren't the best part of Apple's Sept. 2018 event.

The arrival of iOS 12 for countless numbers of iPhones and iPads is a real win-win for all users. Especially with consumers who have older iPhones, as this year's big update brings performance improvements across the board.

Apple will begin seeding iOS 12 on Monday, Sept. 17 for all eligible devices. You can upgrade your iOS device via an over-the-air update or through iTunes on a Mac or PC. But we're here to guide you through the process and most importantly to remind you to back up beforehand. Read more...

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Annoying iOS web attack will forcibly restart your iPhone, but not much else


The latest iOS hack won't steal your data, but it will annoy you.

Fifteen short lines of code on a webpage can restart your iPhone or iPad. Alternatively, visiting it on a Mac can cause the Safari window to freeze.

As reported by TechCrunch, this exploit can easily be transmitted and sent to unsuspecting iOS users. Since it's a short snippet of code, it can hide on almost any webpage. It will restart your device by actually enabling a fail-safe that is built into iOS. 

Image: screenshot by jake krol Mashable/github

The code tries to use all available resources, which results in a kernel panic. In response, the iPhone will then power cycle off and power cycle on to prevent any damage.  Read more...

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A new CSS-based web attack will crash and restart your iPhone

A security researcher has found a new way to crash and restart any iPhone — with just a few lines of code.

Sabri Haddouche tweeted a proof-of-concept webpage with just 15 lines of code which, if visited, will crash and restart an iPhone or iPad. Those on macOS may also see Safari freeze when opening the link.

The code exploits a weakness in iOS’ web rendering engine WebKit, which Apple mandates all apps and browsers use, Haddouche told TechCrunch. He explained that nesting a ton of elements — such as <div> tags — inside a backdrop filter property in CSS, you can use up all of the device’s resources and cause a kernel panic, which shuts down and restarts the operating system to prevent damage.

“Anything that renders HTML on iOS is affected,” he said. That means anyone sending you a link on Facebook or Twitter, or if any webpage you

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How to Get the Final Version of iOS 12 Before Monday’s Release

The “Golden Master” of iOS 12—which should be the final version releases to the public on Monday, September 17—is now available. If you want to get your hands on the new iPhone and iPad operating system a few days before everybody else— by“everybody else,” I mean “normal people who don’t run public betas of operating…


Here’s where Apple hid your Camera Roll in iOS 12 Messages


iOS users who enjoyed the ability to snap a photo in Messages are in for a big surprise.

There is no longer the ability to snap a shot and just send it to a friend — photos and videos taken in the Camera app are automatically added into your library.

Apple didn't highlight this change on stage at WWDC alongside iOS 12. However, it arrived in Beta 1 and stuck through the final beta, and it seems it's here to stay.

Essentially, tapping the camera icon on the top-left side of the keyboard now opens the viewfinder, and once you take a photo — or a few quick snaps — they're all added to your library. Read more...

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iOS 12 will fix your notifications September 17th

iOS 12 will be released September 17th. After spending nearly half June's WWDC keynote espousing the virtues of Memojis, Photo search and sharing, a half-hearted digital wellness initiative and so much more, at the tail end of today's keynote Tim Cook announced that it won't be long before you can install the shiny new operating system on your cadre of Cupertino-designed devices. It's said that the software will improve the performance of your older Apple gadgets too (fingers crossed for my iPad Mini 3), with apps getting up to a 200 percent speed boost in launch speed.

How to watch the live stream for today’s Apple iPhone keynote

Apple is holding a keynote today on its new and shiny campus in Cupertino, and the company is expected to unveil new iPhones, an updated Apple Watch and maybe some other things. At 10 AM PT (1 PM in New York, 6 PM in London, 7 PM in Paris), you’ll be able to watch the event as the company is streaming it live.

Apple’s September event is the company’s most anticipated event. And that’s because Apple releases new iPhone models every September. Rumor has it that the company plans to unveil three new devices, including an updated iPhone X, a bigger version of this phone and a new model to replace the iPhone 8 with a notch design.

If you have an Apple TV, you can download the Apple Events app in the App Store. It lets you stream today’s event and rewatch old ones. The app icon was

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Our Apple iPhone Event Liveblog Is Right Here

The triple threat iPhone day is upon us, and boy does it feel like a lot of information. This year, it looks like Apple will announce three new iPhone models as well as a slew of other product upgrades. There’s also a strong chance that something or several things will involve the color gold.


How to watch Apple’s big iPhone event


Apple is finally ready to unveil its new iPhones. 

If you weren't invited to the Sept. 12 event, don't worry. As always, Apple will livestream the event. 

Apple is expected to introduce three new iPhones, and possibly new Apple Watches and iPads. The fun kicks off at 10 a.m. PT at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California.

How to watch

On mobile, desktop, and laptop

Apple says its livestream is best experienced using Safari on iOS 10 or macOS Sierra 10.12 or later. You can head to, where you'll see a landing page with live video, or head directly to the September 2018 landing pageRead more...

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What to Do With Your Old Apple Devices

It’s that time again: time for your annual frantic search to find all of the original packaging for your older iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. That’s the best way to sell it for the highest possible sum, after all, before you plunk down a preorder for whatever Apple’s announcing this week.


The 2018 Lifehacker Pack for iOS: The Essential iOS Apps

Trying to find the perfect iOS apps can be tough, and we’re willing to bet that your iPhone or iPad is full of pages and pages of apps. There’s just so much out there, it’s hard to come up with a short list of favorites. We understand. Allow us to help you with our freshly updated Lifehacker Pack for iOS.


What to expect from Apple’s 2018 iPhone event

After last year's iPhone X introduction, you'd think anything Apple would unveil at its September 12th "Gather Round" event would be anticlimactic. Not so -- if anything, it could be one of the company's biggest launch events in recent memory. It's likely that Apple will announce three new iPhones, not to mention the first substantial changes to the Apple Watch design since its 2015 debut. And then there's a myriad of potential announcements beyond that, such as an iPhone X-inspired iPad Pro, the long-delayed AirPower mat and new AirPods. It's a lot to take in, but we're here to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you an idea of what Tim Cook and crew will reveal when they take the stage.

Square finally has a Lightning card reader for newer iPhones

If you have a newer iPhone, it's been a pain to take payments from magstripe cards using a Square reader -- without a native headphone jack, you've had to plug in a dongle and hold it steady while you serve a customer. Isn't Square overdue for a more iPhone-friendly version? Thankfully, it's here. You now have the option of a magstripe reader with a Lightning connection instead of the usual 3.5mm plug. There's nothing new apart from the port compatibility, but the identical $10 price makes it an easy choice if you run an iPhone-centric shop.

Source: Square