The Best Voice Recording App for iPhone

For whatever reason, the iPhone has tons of different voice recording apps, but very few of them do anything more than Apple’s free Voice Memos app. We like Just Press Record because it manages to make itself worth its asking price by offering a different experience and feature set than Apple’s offering. Read more...

iOS 10 is now available: Here’s how to download and install it
iOS 10 is officially out of public beta and now available for download and you're going to want it, specifically for all the awesome new messaging features. The easiest way to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iOS 10 is to go to Settings > General > Software Update and download it over-the-air (OTA).  If you go this route, you will need to connect to a Wi-Fi network as the update is too large to download over a cellular connection (even if you do have enough data). Alternatively, you can also connect your supported iOS device to your PC or Mac and update through iTunes. iOS 10 is compatible with the following devices: Read more... More about Mobile Os, Software, Ipod Touch, Ipad, and Iphone

iOS 10 review: It’s all about Messages
With the official release of iOS 10, it's hard not to feel a deep sense of nostalgia looking back on 10 versions of iPhone software since Apple's mobile operating system launched as "iPhone OS" on the original iPhone in 2007iOS has gone from no App Store to App Store to FaceTime to Siri to Apple Maps to Apple Pay to Health and more. In the span of ten iOS releases, Apple has sold over 1 billion iPhones. That doesn't even count all the iPads and iPod touches that also run iOS. It hurts my brain to even think about it for too long.

Every year, Apple releases a new version of iOS, each with tons of new features and tweaks and security updates. Apple CEO Tim Cook has called iOS 10 the "mother of all releases." Continue reading "iOS 10 review: It’s all about Messages"

The Best System Monitor for iPhone

At a glance, system monitors might not seem as useful on your iPhone as they are on a desktop computer, but they can pack in a lot of good data. This includes detailed battery life breakdowns, storage space, data speeds, and more. For the average user, our favorite system monitor for the iPhone is Omnistat.


The Best App Launcher for iPhone

The iPhone doesn’t support app launchers in the same way as OS X, but that doesn’t mean app developers haven’t come up with clever workarounds. Case in point, our pick for the best launcher, Launch Center Pro lets you launch not only apps, but specific actions within apps.


The Best Movie Showtimes App for iPhone

In a world where multiple apps help you watch flicks on the big screen, there’s one app that rises above the rest. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s the best way to buy movie tickets on the go. Coming to an iPhone near you: Fandango.


The Best Movie Showtimes App for iPhone

In a world where multiple apps help you watch flicks on the big screen, there’s one app that rises above the rest. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s the best way to buy movie tickets on the go. Coming to an iPhone near you: Fandango.


How to Quickly Flush the RAM on Your iPhone

Apps misbehaving? Phone acting sluggish? If you’re experiencing any kind of problem with your iPhone, then emptying out the device’s RAM can often do wonders. It effectively ditches everything the phone was trying to juggle in its memory at once. Restarting your iPhone is one way of doing this, but there is a quicker option.


3D Touch Is Apple’s New Secret Weapon

3d touch lock screen I’m here to praise Apple again. Sorry. I have to do it. It’s not in my contract nor am I paid to do it – imagine if we were! We’d be rich! – but after manhandling the iPhone 6S Plus it’s abundantly clear that Apple has discovered another breakthrough. And they are surprisingly nonchalant about it. Apple’s first interface breakthrough happened when… Read More

The Best Alarm Clock App for iPhone

The iTunes Store has almost as many alarm clocks as it does to-do apps, so it’s difficult to choose the right one. In our tests, we found Wake Alarm Clock to be the best thanks to a good set of features and solid reliability.


The Best Email Client for iPhone

You have an insane amount of choices for email clients on the iPhone and each does something a little differently than the rest. Shockingly, our pick for the best of these options goes to Microsoft Outlook. Yep, we’re surprised too.


What Jony Ive’s Fancy New Title As Chief Design Officer Means

Apple’s move to bring its product designer extraordinaire, Jony Ive, into its “C suite” should surprise no one, given how large he looms over the company’s products. At the same time, the news of Ive’s new position as Chief Design Officer—which broke on Memorial Day—seems to have come out of left field. Three years ago, CEO Tim Cook gave Ive dominion over Apple’s mobile software interfaces and hardware design. The new responsibilities gave him control over the way the company’s devices looked and behaved, from the inside out. Now, according to The Telegraph, he will travel (possibly back to his native England), leaving his managerial and administrative responsibilities split between two Apple staffers. Reportedly, Ive’s new assignment will have him working with London’s Foster and Partners to design Apple’s Spaceship Campus 2 and weighing in on the growing Apple Retail Stores springing up worldwide.
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Apple Wants You To Help In The War On iOS Bugs

After last year’s incessantly buggy iOS releases, Apple appears ready to do anything to sniff out glitches before they hit users en masse—including letting them volunteer as guinea pigs to test pre-release iPhone software.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple will give users an early look at iOS 8.3 by releasing its very first public beta of the software in mid-March. That seems like a bit of a jump, since the current iOS release is version 8.1.3. Apparently Apple is sticking with its traditional test-and-release path for iOS 8.2, now in the hands of developers. The report also claims that Apple will follow up with a public beta release for iOS 9 in the summer.

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Though the chronology may seem confusing, the overall move itself would make sense in several ways—namely, Continue reading "Apple Wants You To Help In The War On iOS Bugs"

Apple Reportedly Wants To Make iOS 9 Bulletproof

After the kludgey mess of iOS 8’s buggy updates and the swarm of negative user sentiment they triggered, Apple has reportedly gone all out to make the next version of its mobile operating software rock solid.

According to sources cited by 9to5Mac, Apple engineers made bug fixes a “huge” priority in iOS 9. Instead of throwing all of their effort into new features, they concentrated on nixing the main issues that plagued the previous version—namely bugs, erratic performance and file sizes that choked software updates or forced users to delete data to make room.

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None of those problems should plague iOS 9 (or, at least, so Apple hopes). Because there’s a lot at stake with this update—including its upcoming smartwatch and the fate of Apple’s last 4-inch phone.

You Can’t Build On A Shaky Foundation

Apple software updates come in Continue reading "Apple Reportedly Wants To Make iOS 9 Bulletproof"