Blue’s high-fidelity foldable microphone for laptops and Macbooks is 50% off

This post is by Alexandria Haslam from Macworld

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Most of us probably know Blue microphones for their longtime podcasting and gaming favorite, the Blue Yeti. But the brand has plenty of other options on offer, and today, one of its most unique, the foldable Blue Snowflake USB microphone, is on sale on Amazon for $30, down from a list price of $59. (It frequently sells for between $40 and $50.)

This compact microphone is great for use with laptops, as its folding nature makes it easy to take on the go. Even better, it transforms into its own stand, so you won’t need to carry around multiple pieces to capture your sound. The Snowflake even has a built-in clip to fit most laptop lids.

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