Clicker Aggregates iPad-Compatible Videos

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If our roundup of the 10 best sites for watching video on your iPad left you wanting more, web video aggregator has just released the iPad version of its site, offering fast access to all iPad-compatible video on the web.

Anyone on an iPad can visit via Safari to access the iPad-friendly site. Once there, you’ll find an impressive collection of videos of all varieties that you can watch on your iPad — no flash required.

Clicker sorts videos by category so that you can browse through TV, web originals, movies, music and trends. The homepage also highlights popular shows and trending episodes to give users insight into what everyone else is watching. You can even create an account or log in via Facebook Connect to save videos to a playlist.

To be clear, Clicker isn’t a video site, it’s merely an aggregator that connects you to video for your iPad by displaying viewing options for each available video. It is, however, designed to answer the question all of us new iPad owners want to know: Can I watch this on my iPad?

Clicker isn’t the perfect solution for video on your iPad — certain highlighted shows are only available to Netflix subscribers (so don’t get too excited about 30 Rock yet) — but it’s certainly a great place to start your quest for entertainment on your new device.

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New HP Slate Demo Shows Off Camera and More [VIDEO]

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The HP Slate is the tablet Microsoft teased ever so briefly back at CES, and remains one of the few upcoming non-iPad tablets we know about that will run Windows 7. Earlier we saw HP touting the slate’s Flash support, and in a new demo video we see a few other jabs at features Apple’s iPad lacks.

Unfortunately it’s another short clip so we don’t get too much new information, but we do see an on-board SD slot, USB port, camera with video and videoconferencing support via Skype, and the ability to dock your slate and connect it to your TV. These features are all notably lacking from the iPad, and although HP has an uphill battle to wage against the overwhelming fervor accompanying Apple’s huge launch this weekend, it is a convenient “don’t forget there will be other tablet options” reminder.

Check out the video below, which also includes a look at the HP Slate’s rather slick user interface, and let us know what you think. What features would a tablet device need to upstage the iPad?

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10 Awesome Apple iPad Cases

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Apple’s iPad hit shop shelves over the weekend, so we thought we’d bring you the best cases you can currently buy — as well as some coming-soon options that might be worth holding out for.

From fashionable to functional, with a few hopefully meeting in the middle, we’re sure you’ll find a covering that caters to your taste from our hand-picked selection.

Have a browse below and let us know which case, bag, sleeve or cover might be gracing your Apple iPad in the very near future.

Available Now…

1. Blytheking’s iSocket Etsy Cases

These handmade cases re-purpose vintage material to protect your iPad with sartorial elegance, making more of a statement than anything bought in an “ordinary” store.

Cost: From $65 to $108

2. Booq Taipan Shadow

Booq’s Taipan Shadow messenger-style bag offers some serious padding for your precious, as well as a few extra pockets you’ll likely fill in no time. In addition to violet, there are black and gray versions too.

Cost: $69.95

3. Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve

Offering a molded, bubbly exterior and a soft felt interior, Hard Candy’s cool case is available in gold-green, black, and pink, and will keep your iPad zipped safely up.

Cost: $49.95

4. iLuv Flexi-Clear Case

If you want to make less of a statement but keep your iPad protected from scrapes and scratches, then iLuv’s clear cases could be what you’re looking for. They come bundled with a little folding stand as well.

Cost: $29.99

5. SkoobaWrap

Ideal if you just want some basic protection for your iPad when you’re going to sling it into your bag or backpack, the SkoobaWrap will fold over the iPad and then Velcro itself into place.

Cost: $17.95

Coming Soon…

6. Vers Wood Case for iPad

Handcrafted from hardwoods and bamboo with 4mm-thick sides for a solid feel, this Vers option offers a soft lining, but steel-reinforced strength. The design also gets a wooden prop for table top use.

Cost: $79.99

7. Belkin Vue, Max and Grip Sleeves

Coming soon from Belkin are not one, but three iPad sleeves offering different functionality. The Vue has a see-through pocket, the Max’s pleated design means it squishes down for easy storage, and the Grip offers a textured design for butterfingers.

Cost: $39.99 each

8. Quirky Cloak

A sturdy case for the iPad made from non-slip rubber, Quirky’s crowd-sourced Cloak design doubles as a stand for the new tablet that can display portrait or landscape.

Cost: $42

9. ColcaSac

The big selling point for the ColcaSac line of iPad cases is that they are environmentally friendly. The fleece-lined covers are perfect for the iPad owner who wants to be a friend to the planet.

Cost: $34.95

10. Ryan Frank Cork Sleeves for TAPE

Designer Ryan Frank has extended his cork-based range of sleeves to include one that fits the iPad. Like previous products, it will be sold through UK record label TAPE, but it has yet to go live on the site.

Cost: TBD



If you’re a music fan, you might fancy one of MusicSkins’ newest line of decals for the back of your iPad. From The Beatles, to the Sex Pistols, via Kiss, past The Grateful Dead, right through to Rihanna and Linkin Park, there’s bound to be one for a band you’re partial to.

Cost: $19.99

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Appcelerator Simplifies iPad App Development

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Today Appcelerator launches Titanium Tablet, a platform designed to help developers create apps for the iPad. Titanium is a free, Apache 2 licensed, cross-platform toolkit that lets web developers use JavaScript, CSS, HTML and scripting languages like Ruby or Python to build native apps for the iPhone, Android and now the iPad.

Building on the Titanium Mobile product, Titanium Tablet lets developers access all of the iPad’s native features — including user interface elements — without requiring knowledge of Objective-C or Cocoa.

Check out this video for Titanium Mobile. Although it describes Appcelerator’s mobile app development platform, it underlines many of the same elements of the Titanium Tablet product:

The concept of melding JavaScript/CSS3/HTML5 with native application elements and API calls to create native apps is pretty cool. Although a number of different solutions for cross-platform app development for the iPhone exist, like Mono Touch, Titanium is unique in its support for the native UI elements, which — let’s face it — are often what make an iPhone app look and feel like an iPhone app.

I’m interested in giving Titanium Tablet a try to see if I can speed up my development time (my Objective-C is a little rusty).

What do you think about tools for making iPhone, iPad or Android development less language-reliant? Let us know.

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3 Ways to Destroy an iPad [VIDEO]

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Whether for marketing, science or sport, some individuals are more interested in destroying the iPad than in maintaining its luster or finding the perfect case for the device.

Case in point: The three videos embedded below. Each has a different purpose, but the end result remains the same. You better believe that there were iPads harmed in the making of these videos.

It’s either total blasphemy or just the cure for your iPad hate, but either way it’s hard not to be fascinated by each of these iPad obliterations. Apple iPad lovers, shield your eyes.

Will the iPad Blend?

The answer in short is “Yes.” Is there anything this Blendtec blender can’t destroy?

The iPad Stress Test

PCWorld tests out the iPad’s sturdiness through a series of strenuous tests. One takeaway — apparently you can use coffee for navigation purposes, though I wouldn’t try that at home.

Teens Show No Mercy

These unfortunate iPads found themselves in the hands of some angry teenagers. What ensues is somewhat heartbreaking for those of us who braved the lines on Saturday and now try our best to keep our screens free of fingerprint residue.

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iPhone OS 4.0 Preview Coming on Thursday

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Is Apple unveiling the iPhone 4.0 OS on Thursday? That’s what it looks like! Boy Genius Report has posted an invitation to an event that includes the tagline, “Get a sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS” with the shadow of the number four in the background.

Now that the iPad launch has passed with success, the time seems right to start discussing features in the next version of the iPhone OS. This will presumably run on both future iPhones and the new iPad.

Historically, Apple has released SDK information and details of its next major OS version each March. However, given the release of the iPad and the new information developers needed to prepare software for its launch, it would make sense to wait until after iPad’s release to start detailing iPhone 4.0 OS.

If Apple follows its past schedule, the SDK will be available to developers soon and the newest iPhone will be revealed at WWDC this June.

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iPad Stats: More Than 300,000 Sold on First Day, 1 Million Apps Downloaded

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Apple announced on Monday morning that it sold more than 300,000 iPads in the U.S. on the first day of sales, including “deliveries of pre-ordered iPads to customers, deliveries to channel partners and sales at Apple Retail Stores.”

Furthermore, iPad users downloaded more than one million apps from the App Store and 250,000 e-books from the iBookstore on the first day.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster estimated that 600,000-700,000 units were sold over the weekend — his estimate, however, was too optimistic. The numbers are still fantastic, and we’re glad Apple checked the wild predictions floating on the web. Once the initial frenzy subsides and the 3G model hits the market, we’ll have a better idea of whether the iPad really is a game changer, as Steve Jobs suggests.

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iPad Peek: See How Your Website Looks on the iPad

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The iPad is finally available, and it’s already residing in the hands of some 300,000 people who purchased it on launch day. In a couple of months, the iPad user base will become big enough for web developers to start paying attention to how their websites look on the iPad.

iPad Peek is a nifty tool that lets you see how any website will be rendered on the iPad. Click on the top border to switch from landscape to portrait mode. The virtual keyboard and the buttons on the iPad browser are just for show, but the reload button works.

Previewing a website in iPad Peek doesn’t offer the “real” iPad experience, however; for example, Flash works (and it shouldn’t). To get closer to the real deal, you should disable the Flash plugin in your browser and change the user agent string to that of the Apple iPad.

To do this last bit in Firefox, type “about:config” in the address bar, click the right mouse button, select New – String, and name it “general.useragent.override”. Then enter the value “Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; U; CPU OS 3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/531.21.10 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.4 Mobile/7B334b Safari/531.21.10″.

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First iPad Jailbreak Shown on Video

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Well, that was fast. A well-known iPhone jailbreaker MuscleNerd claims he managed to obtain root access on the iPad, and he backs it up with a video of how it’s done.

To do this, he has used a port of Comex’s “Spirit” jailbreak, which works on both iPhone OS 3.1.3 and the iPad’s 3.2.

This is just a demonstration; there’s nothing for you to download just yet. But if you doubted that iPad will ever be jailbroken, this should set your mind at ease.

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Yahoo Entertainment on iPad: Not Just a News Reader [Video Review]

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Mashable Apple guru Christina Warren took some time out of her holiday to sit down with a video camera, an iPad and the nifty Yahoo Entertainment [iTunes link] iPad app; what resulted was this video walkthrough and review.

When you load the app, it presents its features within a virtual rendition of a home theater, with a TV and an ottoman. That kind of visual flair is one of the things the iPad’s multi-touch interface does best. From that home theater you can access news, videos, TV listings and schedules, and more.

Our impressions of the app are positive — particularly of the news layout and the home theater motif in the presentation. Watch the review below to see all the features in motion; we’re finding that iPad apps are best demonstrated and reviewed in videos because of their visual and aural elements, though this one is obviously easier to figure out without a video than Smule’s Magic Piano.

If you have your own iPad and it’s all set up, you can download the Yahoo! Entertainment app for free from the Apple App Store right now. Be sure and let us know if you have any insights of your own if you decide to give it a spin.

The Video Review

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Analyst: 700,000 iPads Sold [REPORT]

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The latest estimates for iPad sales may surprise even the most optimistic Apple watchers: Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster puts the number at 600,000-700,000 this weekend, including pre-orders.

By comparison, it took Apple more than 70 days to sell 1 million iPhones after the initial launch.

Brainstorm Tech writes:

In a report to clients issued Saturday night, Munster’s estimated that by midnight Sunday, Apple will have sold 600,000 to 700,000 iPads, including pre-orders — more than double his relatively conservative pre-launch estimate of 200,000 to 300,000. (Other analysts had published estimates of 300,000 to 400,000.)

…It took Apple 74 days to sell its first million units of the original iPhone, and three days each to sell a million units of the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3Gs.

The estimates were made after Munster’s team put in calls to Apple stores around the country, although it’s worth questioning how accurate that method might be.

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Magic Piano for iPad Is Music to Our Ears [Video Review]

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Magic Piano by Smule was one of the iPad apps we couldn’t wait to try; now we’ve tried it and we’re in love. While many view the iPad as a device to consume content, if Magic Piano is any indication it’s also going to be a device to help create music.

I got to speak to Dr. Ge Wang, the co-founder, CTO and CCO at Smule yesterday about the development process for Magic Piano, the differences in developing for the iPad versus the iPhone and what the iPad might mean for the future.

Wang, an Assistant Professor at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, really wanted to build an application specifically for the iPad and one that would show off the devices best features.

Working around the clock for just over two months, the team at Smule built Magic Piano to be both an experiment and working proof of concept, as well as an app that could be fun and creative.

Check out this video demonstration that I made earlier today, showing off Magic Piano for iPad:

Wang told me that the size of the screen was both a big inspiration for the app and also something that was highly important in the development process. Unlike the iPhone, which can have 5 multitouch points hit at one time, the iPad has 10. That means you can literally put all of your fingers on the iPad and play or create different sounds.

As for the circular piano shape – while part of that was out of utility — you can fit more keys on screen if you do something in a circle or a spiral — it was also to add a sense of whimsy and fun to the app.

As for the challenges in developing for the iPad versus the iPhone, Wang told me that because the technologies are similar, the size of the device was what was most important to consider. As a side note, it’s clear the company also spent some time dealing with the physics of the device and how the app works; it is something that you can easily use from multiple angles, whether you have it in one hand or propped up on your knees.

Wang sees the iPad as having tremendous potential for the creation of music. Looking at Magic Piano, I have to agree. If this is what you can create in two months as a proof of concept and experiment, who knows what could be built in the next six!

Magic Piano (which costs $2.99) is in many ways the spiritual successor to Ocarina for the iPhone. By that I mean it’s a concept that is simple but brilliant, and one that can truly capture the power of a new device in a way that you may never have considered.

Disclosure: Mashable’s Ben Parr is working with Smule on an unannounced project.

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HOW TO: Get Started with the iPad

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The iPad has landed and although you’ve likely been reading about it for weeks — if not months — now we can finally explore what Apple’s new device is capable of doing.

Given that the device is new to all of us, we thought it appropriate to walk you through the steps to set up your iPad. We’ve also included some basic tips for getting the most out of your device.

iPhone and iPod Touch owners will find the setup process and device mechanics familiar. If you’re new to Apple mobile devices, don’t fret. As long as your iPad anticipation doesn’t get the best of you, you can be up and running in no time.

Walkthrough: Get Your iPad Set Up

Once you unbox your iPad, you’ll immediately want to connect the iPad’s USB cable to your default home machine and open iTunes. When iTunes launches you’ll be asked to activate the iPad, agree to its Terms and Conditions, and register your device.

iTunes will serve as your iPad’s backup system and will suggest that you restore your iPad from a previous iPhone or iPod Touch backup if you have one of those devices or start with a clean content slate on your iPad. Given that there are now thousands of iPad-specific apps and a restore could take awhile, we recommend starting fresh.

Next, you can choose to automatically sync applications, photos, music and videos. Choose wisely — depending on your media inventory, the initial sync process could take awhile. We recommend deselecting the automatic sync options and customizing your iPad preferences via iTunes after this step (read the section below for further instructions).

You can also skip the iTunes process temporarily if your iPad was activated at the Apple Store. Simply fire up the App Store on the iPad to immediately immerse yourself in the app experience (here are a few we like). If you opt to download an app, you will need to enter your iTunes account information.

As for setting up your email, the process on an iPad is similar to the email setup process for the iPhone and iPod touch. Select your email program, enter your login credentials and you’re good to go.

Now you’re pretty much ready for action, but before you go app crazy in the App Store, take a few moments to manage your iPad via iTunes.

Manage Your iPad via iTunes

iTunes on your laptop or desktop will serve as your iPad’s home base. After the initial setup process, you will want to customize your iPad’s media content and configure your settings. Start by selecting your iPad in iTunes; it’s located under the Devices label in the left-hand menu bar.

This will initially pull up the Summary page. Tab through the top navigation menu items (each listed below) to tweak your settings for individual media types. Keep in mind that for each pre-selected option you tick or untick, iTunes will display an “Apply” button in the bottom right-hand corner. Clicking that will start the sync process, so hold off on that action until you’re ready.

Summary: Here you can view a basic overview of your iPad settings, review your capacity, check for updates, restore the default settings, opt to automatically open iTunes when you connect your iPad and select sync options.

Control freaks will want to tick the “Manually manage music and videos” checkbox to handpick music and videos to sync to the iPad. Otherwise, iTunes will autofill the iPad library with as much content as it can manage.

This is also where you will go when you need to reference your iPad’s Identifier (UDID). Click on “Serial Number” and iTunes show you your UDID. Should app developers provide you with a preview version of their app, they’ll need your UDID number to get you set up.

Info: From the Info tab you can choose to sync your address box contacts, iCal calendars, mail accounts, and Safari notes and bookmarks. In the advanced section you can elect to have iTunes sync your iPad’s contacts, calendars and mail accounts with your computer.

Apps: This is where you’ll go to manage your iPad apps. If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll notice that all of the apps you already own are pre-populated here. Select the apps that you want to appear on your iPad from the left-hand menu, which can by sorted by name, category or date. You can then drag-and-drop the ticked apps to switch them from one iPad page to another. You can also drag-and-drop individual pages to rearrange them.

Music: The music tab will let you sync your entire music library or individually-selected playlists, artists and genres. Should you select the latter, you can manage those songs from the Music option below your iPad in the Devices section of the left-hand menu.

Movies: In this section you can manage the movies that will be synced with your iPad. Use the drop down menu to specify whether you want to automatically sync all movies or just some of them. You can also scroll down to select to sync individual movie playlists.

TV Shows: The TV Shows tab is very similar to the Movies section though, by default, all unwatched episodes of your shows will be loaded onto your iPad. To keep your iPad from reaching capacity too quickly, we recommend only syncing shows that you plan to watch in the immediate future. If you’re a frequent traveler, you should revisit this section prior to any trip and load the shows you want to watch before takeoff.

Podcasts, iTunes U and Books: Each of these tabs offers similar syncing options as the Movies and TV Shows tab. You can “sync all” or select specific content to load on to your iPad.

Photos: Photos will consume space on your iPad, so keep that in mind as you select between syncing all photos and individual albums and videos.

Master the Basics

Here are a few tips to keep in mind once you start playing with your new toy.

Location Services: If you don’t want your iPad to register your physical location you can turn off Location Services in the General section of the native Settings app. Default is set to “on,” meaning that apps that show location data will ask you to share your location on launch.

Email Signatures: To create an email signature, select the Mail option within the Settings app. Scroll down, select “Signature” and type away. Just be forewarned that the default “Sent from iPad” signature might piss off your iPad-less friends.

Taking Screenshots: You can snap a shot of your iPad display by holding down the home button and the black power button at the same time. Screenshots are saved as photos in your iPad photo library.

Push Notifications: The iPad supports push notifications that you can manage via the native Settings app. You can universally turn notifications on or off, or customize notifications on a per-app basis in the “Notifications” section.

Display Lock: Slide the black button (right above the volume buttons) up or down to lock the display into landscape or portrait mode.

Double-Size Apps: All apps that are not iPad-specific can be double-sized by selecting “2x” after launching the app.

Have you found additional iPad tips or tricks? Share them in the comments and we will include them here and credit you for the find.

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Can You Blog From an iPad? I Just Did

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Disclaimer: I wrote and published this post, in its entirety, from my iPad.

Apple’s “magical and revolutionary device” is supposed to be the ultimate content consumption tool. You can play music, watch movies, and surf the web, all from a device that is meant to be smaller, more focused, and more elegant than a netbook or even a laptop.

For content creators though, there has been a strong amount of skepticism. Without the mouse and keyboard interface, how fast can you really type emails, photoshop pictures, and build code with just a touchscreen?

These are questions that will be answered over the next few weeks as content creators push the iPad to its limits. In the meantime though, I’ve decided to run an initial test by writing an entire blog post from scratch, using the WordPress iPad app to fill the webpage you are reading now with elegant text.

Here are some of my raw observations:

  • The act of typing itself is not too bad at all, especially if you do it in landscape mode. I was able to type pretty quickly with most of my fingers. Most mistakes were autocorrected. I am pleasantly surprised by the results.
  • With that said, girls with longer fingernails will get annoyed with keys that don’t press when they want them to.
  • I will just come out and say it: typing with HTML is a pain in the ass. I got better with it over the course of this post, but I hope I don’t build many lists on the iPad.
  • Copy and Paste didn’t function properly for me. I don’t know if that is me being an idiot or the interface, but I wanted to bring it up.
  • I can see images being a pain. If you have photos or screenshots on the iPad, it’s real easy to add them via WordPress. If you want a specific image size (like the ones you see on the top of most Mashable posts), then it’s more difficult. I bet there will be great image editing apps very soon to fix this issue, though.
  • I am far less inclined to add links in posts because it’s such a pain to retrieve them and copy them into WordPress. A feature to easily link to other pages on your blog would make sense, along with a way to quickly browse the web from the WordPress app.

Overall, you can type rather fast on Apple’s tablet, although I will use the iPad to edit rather than write posts. It is no replacement for my laptop, but if you want to get up a quick post on-the-go, the iPad does a decent job.

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