The Biggest iPad Changes Coming to iPadOS from WWDC 2019

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Apple made some really big announcements about the future of all its products during its annual Worldwide developer Conference on Monday — WWDC, for short — but one of the biggest has to be the fact that iPads now have their own operating system, iPadOS. Instead of using iOS, the same software used on the iPhone, the…


The iPad finally outgrows iOS

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As the iPad comes up on ten years since its introduction, the hardware has reached bold new heights but the software has been the limiting factor. Onstage at WWDC in San Jose, Apple announced that iPad’s software will now exist inside its own vertical OS.


The new OS doesn’t look dramatically different from iOS 12, this actually might be the most low-key update that they’ve had in a while, but the name change undoubtedly makes it easier for Apple to introduce functionality to iPads that won’t exist in any capacity on the iPhone.

It’s all about focus and the fact that the company’s tablets are getting even more powerful than their macOS counterparts. It didn’t make a ton of sense for the iPad to be held back by the iPhone.

What’s new in iPadOS that you’ll get kind of excited about?

‘Sign in with Apple’ protects your email and info from apps

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Apple has long touted its approach to privacy as a selling point, and at WWDC, it revealed more privacy-oriented features. It's offering a Sign in with Apple option for apps and services that it says offers "fast, easy sign in without the tracking" that other login options such as Facebook and Google use.